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This EdTech Startup Idea from 1001 Startup Ideas collection of YoStartups is about developing an AI enabled Facial Recognition Application for e-learning. The application will be able to decipher the basic emotions of students like focus, anger, happiness, confusion, etc. to provide learning feedback to the online facilitators and tutors.

Market Definition for AI enabled Facial Recognition Application for e-learning

According to Stratistics MRC, the Global E-Learning Market is accounted for $165.21 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $275.10 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 7.5% during the forecast period. Higher penetration of the smartphones and high-speed internet are the key factors that are favoring the market growth.

The Asia Pacific in general commands the growth in e-learning market due to rising awareness & importance of education particularly in the Asian countries. The region also has a lack of properly trained education professionals, and the on-ground infrastructure making it critical for them to adopt e-learning channels so self-reliant learning strategies.

Competitor Analysis for AI enabled Facial Recognition Application for e-learning

With the improvements in data handling capabilities and image processing technologies, there is a multitude of educational institutions that have started using facial recognition tools to keep a closer eye on the student’s behavior. Most of these tools are mainly employed to act swiftly in the case of an emergency situation.

But recently we have seen few cases where the image processing has been combined with artificial intelligence to enhance the overall learning experience and the feedback process. A Chinese school has developed a facial recognition application called as, “Intelligent Classroom Behaviour Management System” that records facial expressions of all students while they are in their classrooms. The system scans the classroom every 30 seconds and recognizes seven different expressions such as neutral, happy, sad, disappointed, scared, angry and surprised. This forms a good basis to analyze the overall effectiveness of a particular lecture or the performance of any class.

Another usage of the technology we found in a business school in Paris that is using artificial intelligence and facial analysis to determine whether students are paying attention in class. The software, called Nestor, and is developed by LCA Learning, and presented the technology at an event at the United Nations in New York last year.

Pain Point & Target Audience for AI enabled Facial Recognition Application for e-learning

The proposed startup will focus primarily on the e-learning market and work towards making the online learning process more smart and interactive. The target audience for the startup would be online learning platforms similar to Coursera, Teachable, Udemy, etc.

The basic boon of online learning i.e. ‘learn at your time and pace’ often turns out to be a hurdle in the overall effectiveness of the course. Students often lack the focus and there is no direct and real-time channel for feedback. Course providers only get the feedback in the form of batch feedback, which often at the end of a module or the complete course, when it is already too late for any improvements.

If only these feedbacks could be provided in the real time, the course designers would be in a much better position to conduct and design more effective and interactive online modules.

Value Proposition for AI enabled Facial Recognition Application for e-learning

Using the technologies in facial recognition and artificial intelligence, the proposed solution will be able to identify the focus level of the e-learners throughout the course duration. It will also decipher the basic emotions like happiness, curiosity, confusion, and provide the comprehensive feedback profile.

Based on this feedback, the e-learning service providers and tutors can further improve their course modules and designs to attract better focus level from the learners. Since this application will give the feedback profile in the real time, the tutors would have access to an in-depth understanding about which particular segment in the module needs to be improved.

Business Model for AI enabled Facial Recognition Application for e-learning

The proposed startup will work with the Online Learning Platforms on a SaaS-based model and offers its services to the course providers and the online tutors on the platform.

The multiple levels of subscription plan can be designed based on the number of students enrolled or the hours of the modules.

Way to market for this EdTech Startup Idea

 The startup would first need to develop the AI-enabled facial emotion recognition solution. One doesn’t need to develop the solution from the scratch but can build upon the existing open source solutions for facial recognition and mainly work on predicting the right emotion with near perfect accuracy using artificial intelligence.

Once the solution is developed, the startup should complete the beta testing with one of the online learning platform and may need to provide the solution complementary so as to attract maximum users and the use case. Only when the satisfactory accuracy and results are obtained, the startup should formally launch the solution for commercial use.

Milestones for AI enabled Facial Recognition Application for e-learning

The proposed startup should spend first 6 – 8 months in developing the AI enabled facial emotion recognition solution. Once developed, the startup should spend next 6 months in beta trialing the solution with one or two online learning platform. During the period the startup must validate and perfect the solution.

By the end of 18 months, the startup should target to cater to over 5 million students through its solution.

Investment Needed for Prototyping AI enabled Facial Recognition Application for e-learning

The startup should look to raise upto $75k for the product development, testing and beta trial with early customers. The startup can look to join one of the Edtech specific accelerators in their region to get access to the market.

Investors / Expert Take for this EdTech Startup Idea

The education has always been a booming industry since last few decades, and now with the increase in nomad & digital generation and the increasing university fee, a large portion of that increase in the pie goes to e-learning industry. Even though the e-learning industry has grown substantially over last 5 years, there is hardly an improvement in the delivery structure and it is just limited to webinar platforms, chats, and shared files.

The proposed Edtech Startup idea will open up a completely new dimension for interaction between students and the tutors. Live online learning the students can get personalized attention as the tutor would have real-time access to the feedbacks. And for pre-recorded courses, the module designer would know the exact points or sections in the module which is causing disinterest among the students.

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