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This eCommerce Startup Idea from the 1001 Startup Ideas collection of YoStartups is to establish an app or website that will provide a Wellness Box for Women on Subscription basis. The wellness subscription box will be an all organic box specially designed to take care of women hygiene during mensuration periods. Women will be able to subscribe to the service and receive a wellness box every month.

The intention is to take care of women hygiene during periods. The wellness box shall consist of only organic products including organic tampons, pads and menstrual cups with disposable bags, panty liners, disposable razors and blades, internal cleansers and sprays.

Market Definition | Wellness Box for Women on Subscription

Sanitary products market in the world is a huge market and an ever increasing one. The world is still struggling with the problem of women not using sanitary products during  periods in rural areas in various developing and under developed countries.

According to a new report published by Allied Market Research titled, “World Feminine Hygiene Products Market-Opportunities and Forecasts, 2015-2022, the hygiene product market across the globe is expected to procure revenue of USD 42.7 billion during 2016-2022. It is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 6.1% during this period.

According to the research above, in 2015, Asia-pacific accounted for about 48.9% of the sanitary products market in the world. This is because of increasing awareness towards the use of sanitary products and its necessity in this region.

Other important findings of the report as published by prnewswire.com were:

  • Asia-Pacific is the highest revenue generating market for feminine hygiene products
  • Sanitary pads are the most commonly used sanitary protection product across all the geographies
  • Europe has witnessed higher penetration of tampons and would continue to dominate the tampon’s market during the forecast period
  • North America has observed higher penetration of panty liners and internal cleansers & sprays
  • Supermarkets & hypermarkets and drug stores & pharmacies are major sales channel in developed markets such as  North America and Europe
  • Feminine hygiene products are majorly distributed in rural areas through convenience stores in developing countries like India

Competitor Analysis | Wellness Box for Women on Subscription

There are various companies which are manufacturing organic hygiene products for women. There are companies which are providing subscription boxes as well. It needs to be noted that this is a huge market, and we have not come across any player that is operating in the APAC region in the subscription box model. There is Juniper which provides this service worldwide but does not operate out of APAC region and faces challenges about customs for shipping these products to some of the APAC countries.

Pain Point & Target Audience | Wellness Box for Women on Subscription

The customers for this startup will be women” . The problem with the currently available products is that these are not organic and it has been claimed that use synthetic and non-organic cotton which may lead to diseases and problems for women. Also, there is a huge need for innovation in logistics and supply chain, so that these basic necessity products reach every woman.

Value Proposition | Wellness Box for Women on Subscription

The idea is to create a platform for organic sanitary products which shall use things like 100% organic products. These products will avoid the pesticide residues from commercially grown cotton and the chlorine dioxide gas used in bleaching.

Business Model | Wellness Box for Women on Subscription

The website will offer a subscription based model. Women could go to the website and provide information about the menstrual cycle, and the website would send the subscription box every month to the subscribers. There could be various subscription plans where women could include as many products that they would want to receive in the box. The website could also provide the option to send individual products as well.

Way to market | Wellness Box for Women on Subscription

The first step would be to identify the manufacturers of organic sanitary products and list the items on the platform. The company would need to stock some products in its inventory because it would need to curate the entire subscription box at its own unit and send it to the customers.

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The website could later also add other wellness and health related products for women on its platform. The startups should also work hand in hand with grassroots level NGOs who have higher reach in rural areas. This partnership will help the startup to access the untapped market, at a marginal cost.

Milestones | Wellness Box for Women on Subscription

The company would need to increase awareness about use of organic sanitary products and would need to spend on marketing. The best way for marketing would be through social media. The company could consider using social media influencers for this, this kind of product could benefit heavily with the stamp of approval from social media influencers. To reach to the rural part of countries, the startups should collaborate with grass root level NGOs.

Investment Needed For Prototyping | Wellness Box for Women on Subscription

For testing & building the prototype, pitch for raising 200K USD from angel investors or incubators like Nasscom 10,000 startups. There should be no office rentals or salary payout; the entire budget should be apportioned for customer acquisition and technology.

Team Capability | Wellness Box for Women on Subscription

You would need to have a gynecologist on the team to advise on the nature of products that need to be chosen and listed on the platform. In addition to this, It will be advantageous to have a women co-founder who is connected to not for profit ventures supporting women.

Investors / Expert Take | Wellness Box for Women on Subscription

There are very few players in this segment and early movers can get first movers advantage. Various startups across the globe which have entered this segment have received a lot of interest from investors. Flex which provides a tampon alternative which could be worn during sex has recently raised USD 3 million. It had earlier raised USD 1 million from Y combinator. LOLA, which is also an all-cotton tampon subscription service recently raised USD 3 million. If there is a great product with decent traction, in our view, investors will look at it favorably.

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