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YoStartups is a Pre Accelerator and it empowers entrepreneurs to propel their business ideas into successful ventures.

Yostartups’ core mission is to take the message of entrepreneurship to 1 billion people globally by 2020, as on date Yostartups reaches out to over 100 million people globally through its direct and indirect channels.

Even after funding, about 75% of U.S. venture-backed start-ups fail, according to a Harvard Business School research.  Dont be one of them.


Our clients love us!

  • Thank you for helping us achieve our goals! YoStartups has astounding communication skills, great leads, they are always travelling and meeting new people in various trades and industries and this really is quite the well-rounded organisation…to say the least! Thanks

    Shauna Young
    Shauna Young Founder & CEO - Aquaxi
  • Jappreet and I have worked together on strategy and his input helped us amass mega gains on the business front. One of his biggest strengths is the ability to spot talent and readily assimilate them in companies’ culture.

    Aprameya Radhakrishna
    Aprameya Radhakrishna Founder - Taxi For Sure
  • The team has delivered exceptional value to us in a short period of time, it’s been great working with Yostartups and we would highly recommend them for FinTech startups. Wish you guys a great future ahead!

    Brian Powell
    Brian Powell i1p2p
  • It was so great meeting the YoStartups team at RISE! Thanks for showcasing our startups at Collision, RISE and Surge across social media channels through awesome graphics

    Allison Reilly
    Allison Reilly Websummit
  • Both YoStartups and CH9 have core values that profess, paying it forward and giving it to society. By giving youth the access to world-class scalable ideas we are seeding their minds with innovative thoughts, the entrepreneurs with strong support from our ecosystem partners will build world class startups from Bahrain.

    Mohamed Altawash
    Mohamed Altawash Co-Founder & MD of CH9, Bahrain
  • By bringing the Excelrate program from YoStartups to Bahrain, we are empowering the entrepreneurs to build next generation of startups by embracing challenges and failures; the Excelrate program will be a game-changer for budding entrepreneurs from the region.

    Dr Nazar Albaharna
    Dr Nazar Albaharna Founder & Chairman CH9 Bahrain
  • The Excelrate program from YoStartups is divided into multiple sessions, these ten subjects are the essence of startup business activities and every entrepreneur must know them before he or she ventures out to make a difference in a particular business vertical.

    Associate Professor Dr. Natcha Thawesaengskulthai
    Associate Professor Dr. Natcha Thawesaengskulthai Assistant to the President for Strategy and Innovation at Chulalongkorn University,
  • We are all aware how to flow with the wind when the time is by your side, but the real test of entrepreneurship comes when you face difficult and contrary market conditions. The addition of modules on how to be Optimistic and managing tough situations  in the Excelrate program by YoStartups has helped the future Thai entrepreneurs to be better equipped in dealing with the challenges of entrepreneurship.

    Sorapop Kiatpongsan, M.D., PhD
    Sorapop Kiatpongsan, M.D., PhD Assistant to the President for Research and Innovation at Chulalongkorn University
  • “Yostartups have added greatly to Bahrain’s Startup ecosystem. Their workshops in partnership with CH9 have proved to be of tremendous value to our startups. Challenging them to ask the hard questions at the appropriate time. Validation is an important step in the process of starting a new venture and Yostartup’s excels at this aspect. Given their plans we expect Yostartups to also contribute in other ways to our StartupBahrain initiative going forward”

    John Kilmartin
    John Kilmartin Executive Director - ICT, The Economic Development Board of Bahrain

The Secret of Startup Success

The research found that companies that follow startup thought leaders are 80% more likely to raise money. Almost all companies that raised money had helpful mentors and those without them mostly failed to raise funding.

1- Discovery

1- Discovery

Startups are focused on validating whether they are solving a meaningful problem and whether anybody would hypothetically be interested in their solution. Time 5 ~ 7 months.

Events: Founding team is formed, many customer interviews are conducted, a value proposition is found, minimally viable products are created, the team joins an accelerator or incubator, Friends and Family financing round, first mentors & advisors come on board.

3 - Efficiency

3 - Efficiency

Startups refine their business model & improve the efficiency of their customer acquisition process. Startups should be able to efficiently acquire customers to avoid scaling with a leaky bucket. Time 5 ~ 6 months.

Events: value proposition refined, the user experienced overhauled, conversion funnel optimised, viral growth achieved, repeatable sales process and/or scalable customer acquisition channels found.

2 - Validation

2 - Validation

In this phase, startups are looking to get early validation that people are interested in their product through the exchange of money or attention. In this stage partners can be used to validate concepts with little traction. Time 3 ~ 5 months.

Events: The key events are, refinement of core features, initial user growth, metrics and analytics implementation, seed funding, first key hires, pivots (if necessary), first paying customers, product market fit.

4 - Scale

4 - Scale

Startups step on the gas pedal and try to drive growth very aggressively. It’s about multiplying and repeating a business model for which customers are happy to pay and finally a business is on the horizon. Time 7 ~ 9 months.

Events: This stage witnesses, large series A round, massive customer acquisition, back-end scalability improvements, first executive hires, process implementation and establishment of departments.

Startups That

Raised Funds

Startups that pivot once or twice raise 2.5x more money have 3.6x better user growth and are 52% less likely to scale prematurely than startups that pivot more than two times or not at all. A pivot is when a startup decides to change a major part of its business.

We help you in becoming Investor ready.

1001 Startup Ideas

Are you looking for a good startup Idea, our expert’s pen down a startup Idea every week to help

Share Your Story

Great products fail all the time because they never make their way into the public eye. Good PR will turbo charge your startup, In fact, it generates conversion rates of 10 to 50 times that of advertising. And that’s probably because 92% of consumers trust earned media over traditional ads.

It’s no secret that in order to grow, your startup requires effective promotion, leverage our 40 million plus yearly impressions to get your story relayed.

Startup Thought Leaders

Listen to thought leaders from the best startups; leaders share their views on market trends, leadership, management, and their startup journey.

We Are Looking For Campus CEO’s

The 1001 startup Ideas Club is a platform for students who are passionate about entrepreneurship and want to run an active startup club in their university.

YoStartups Campus CEO is a leader with a keen interest in starting and nurturing entrepreneurship at their campus. You will be the face, voice, and evangelist of YoStartups at your university. You will be the champion of our vision for hosting great startup contests, meetups and building the largest network of student entrepreneurs all around the globe.

We’re currently looking for awesome students to join our global team for the 2018 term. Make an impact on your campus by being the Campus CEO.  Are you the right fit?

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