Jumpstart Your Startup Journey

We are here to reduce the 90 % failure rate of startups by providing and connecting them to resources to scale their startup venture.

For the entrepreneurs who have dared to dream

YoStartups is a Pre Accelerator and it empowers entrepreneurs to propel their business ideas into successful ventures.

Yostartups’ core mission is to take the message of entrepreneurship to 1 billion people globally by 2020, as on date Yostartups reaches out to over 100 million people globally through its direct and indirect channels.

YoStartups collaborates with leading Universities, co-working spaces, incubators, VC’s & Business Angels to bring a holistic approach to the competitive and uncertain environment that startups face.

Irrespective of which stage your startup is at, YoStartups can offer its support through its in-house experts or through our global network so that your startup can scale up. If you are at the idea stage, we can have a friendly talk and see if we can point you in the right direction. Our team members travel across the world, drop us a note to check when we are visiting your city.

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