cofoundme, Zurich

cofoundme, Zurich

cofoundme enables entrepreneurs to find cofounders for their projects and startups to recruit staff.

cofoundme was founded in the beginning of 2014 with the intention to connect business students of HSG and students with a technical background from ETH to foster entrepreneurial activities. Since then, the platform has expanded its user base rapidly and started collaborations with important partner organisations and entrepreneurial initiatives. We are the right host for your ideas ? Ask our partner network and references!

Your precious idea is at the right place ? right here and now. cofoundme works together with a broad network of partner organisations in the field of entrepreneurship. cofoundme partnered up with a wide range of players within the startup ecosystem ? from coworking spaces to startup consultancies. And they are all here to support you!

You don?t have an idea? You have skills!

Whenever a startup decides to share its idea on cofoundme you come into play. Find open positions in the most interesting early stage startups. Become an entrepreneur by helping driven peers to bring their dream into reality. Or get matched to startups and let your dream job find you!

About ETH Entrepreneur Club

The Entrepreneur Club is a student initiative at ETH Zurich aiming to bring entrepreneurial-minded people together and to foster entrepreneurship among students. Through startup events and the community, a platform is provided to develop ideas, build teams and exchange experience.

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