Stirring Minds, New Delhi

Stirring Minds, New Delhi

Stirring Minds has a portfolio spanning multiple sectors. Disruptive?technology is our unifying theme.


Call us the boarding school for the stirred ones. We want to catch them young, raise them, mentor them and make them ready for the market.


Our hubs are designed for creatives, freelancers, independents and startups to be an inspiring environment to work and collaborate.


Given that we have successfully founded and grown some of the leading education ventures of the country, we are now working along with govt, universities and private players to foster startup education for young minds.


We?ve done it for years, best products, biggest brands. Our tech venture has offices in US, UK and India and is serving clients across the globe.


We jumpstart startups by helping them achieve their growth milestones. Our experts work along with you at every step.


We invest our own money as well as work along with a network of few hundred angels and VC?s to get you the capital you need.

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