Get Future Ready

We provide experiences that enable students to experience entrepreneurial ways of thinking, behaving and acting, and to be responsible for their own actions and future. We do this through mock startup pitches, personal discovery, experimentation and learning from failure.

Learn Business

Students learn business acumen and gain confidence by getting exposed to new business ideas, pitching styles and startup news globally. They are getting ready for the plunge

Be Employable

Through interaction with co-founders, students learn the key skills for working and succeeding in a fast-paced startup. They get ready for being employed by startups

Build Network

Connect with students from other universities globally, who knows, you could find your co-founder or a client through one of the connections. You can leverage our network to tap into these connections.

1001 Startup Ideas Club

If a startup cannot tell it’s story, the odds of being successful becomes very less. By giving weekly pitch ideas in a structured format to run pitch master sessions, we help the budding entrepreneurs to refine their pitching style very early in their startup journey.

Latest Startup Ecosystem News

We help your students stay ahead with the latest updates & developments from startup ecosystem globally, so that they are better prepared when planning to start their venture.

Mentor Sessions

Students can apply to join online mentoring sessions with our expert panel, we select about 3 % of applicants for this program. We run fortnightly chat session, where students can ask questions around their career path, entrepreneurship or startups, by being mentored by experts they gain expertise.

Global Network

Access our network to connect with entrepreneurs & business experts across the world. Connect with students from other universities globally, who knows, you could find your co-founder.

Connect with Startups Globally

We connect students directly to the startup founders globally so that they can learn from their experiences. It also provides future networks for entrepreneurship and career options.

Apply For Student Access

It takes less than a minute, just answer a few questions and if your college is registered with us, we will add you to our mailing list.


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