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The Week 03 of 2019 for startup funding commenced on 13th January 2019, here are all the highlights of this funding week with the highs and the lows. ?A total of 323 deals were signed in the week mentioned above. The total disclosed amount of investments from 270 deals amounted to $7.31 billion and the amount for the rest of the 53 deals was not disclosed. Overall, there has been a 16.97% decrease in the funding amounts raised, while the number of deals remained unchanged, as compared to the statistics of the previous week.

Leading? Funding Categories at Week 03 of 2019 in Startup Funding

The maximum number of deals were signed in the category of Series A round of funding and the maximum amount was raised from private equity rounds.

The venture funding rounds saw an increase in the number of deals as well as in the total amount of funds rise by ?11.5% ?and 24.3% respectively. Seed funding saw a 16.8% decrease in the number of deals, and a marginal rise in the total amounts raised.

Industries Soaring with New Funds in Week 03 of 2019

As reported by the research team at YoStartups, the top sectors to shine in the Week 03 of startup funding with the highest number of deals were:


Software & SaaS

AI, Robotics & IOT

E-Commerce, and Media & Entertainment.

These sectors mentioned above account for 49.6% of the total disclosed deals.

According to the YoStartups? research team, the following industries were the top sectors with maximum funds (combined amount of $5.4 million) in Week 03 of 2019:

Software & SaaS, Real Estate


Media & Entertainment

Transportation & Logistics

The average investment amount raised during Week 03 of funding was $27.1 million.

Companies and Investors in the Spotlight for Week 03 of 2019 for Startup Funding

Among the top sectors, the software and SaaS industry stole the show with three deals in the Week 03 of startup funding in 2019.? The real estate sector closely followed it with the same number of deals but with a smaller figure in terms of the funding amounts. Here are the deals from each of these sectors and a number of other diverse sectors.

Software & SaaS

Infor raised $1.5 billion from Koch Equity Development and Golden Gate Capital. Infor is based in the US and is a global provider of enterprise software and services .

Veeam Software, a Switzerland-based software company that offers intelligent data management solutions raised $500 million from Insight Venture Partners.

Rubrik, a US-based software company, raised $261 million from Bain Capital Ventures in Week 03. Rubrik facilitates access to live data by combining enterprise data management with web-scale IT for recovery and application development.

Real Estate

Online home trade-in platform Knock raised $400 million from Foundry Group. The innovative platform leverages data science to price homes accurately and sells them conveniently.

QUARTERS, a company offering co-living hubs in Chicago and New York, raised $300 million from undisclosed investors in Week 03.

German real estate startup Medici Living Group that is involved in developing and operating digitalised co-living concepts worldwide, raised $300 million from W5 Group in Week 03.

Top Deals from Other Sectors

Chinese startup Yimidida secured $266 million from Boyu Capital. Yimidida is an online logistics network platform that provides crowd-sourced delivery services in China’s small counties and villages.

Another Chinese startup that raised funding in Week 03 was DaDa. It is an online English training program offering personalised modules. DaDa raised $255 million from Warburg Pincus.

Divvy raised $250 million from Waterfall Asset Management. It is a US-based company offering a diverse range of fintech services through app and web-based platforms.

Gaming startup Niantic raised $245 million from Institutional Venture Partners. The American gaming startup develops augmented reality platforms for AR hardware and is backed by the likes of Nintendo and the Pokemon Company.

Countries Leading in Week 03? of 2019 for Startup Funding Rounds

319 companies from across 44 countries secured investments in the ?Week 03 of? 2019 for startup funding. Compared to the previous week, this marks a 29.4% increase in the number of countries that attracted investments and a marginal decrease in the number of startups that raised these investments. The United States continues its lead both in terms of the number of deals and investment amounts.

To sum up, in comparison to Week 02 of funding in 2019, the number of deals in the US fell by 17.5%, while the investment amount increased by 12.8%. China saw no change in the number of deals, while the investment amount fell by 11%. The UK saw a fall in the number of deals and the total amounts by 8.3% and 6.3% respectively.

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