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Here are the highlights of the Week 02 of? Startup funding for 2019. It commenced on 7th January 2019 and 323 deals were closed in this period. The funding amounts secured in 268 of these deals were disclosed and capped at $6.62 billion. The total startup investment amount for the rest of the 55 deals was undisclosed. This marks a 1.52% decrease in the number of deals and a 16.97% decrease in the startup investment amount raised, as compared to the figures of the week 51 of 2018 (penultimate week of 2018).

Startup Funding Stage Highlights

Seed round of startup funding took the lead in Week 02 of 2019 with the highest number of deals and Series H category of funding stole the limelight with the maximum amount of funding raised. The venture funding rounds saw a 17% drop in the number of deals and a fall by 33.3% in the total funding amount raised.? The number of seed funding deals rose by 25% and the total amount in the same category recorded a 6.5% growth.

Top Funded Industries in Week 02 of 2019

As per the research conducted by?Yostartups team, the top startup sectors to shine in the Week 02? of 2019 with the highest number of deals are:

Health & Wellness


Hardware & Manufacturing


Real Estate

These sectors brought in deals that accounted for 45.5% of the total disclosed deals.

When it comes to the investment amounts raised by startups, the following are some of the sectors that raised the highest amounts:

Real Estate

Transportation & Logistics

Health & Wellness



These industries brought in combined investments of $4.9 billion. The average investment raised during Week 02 of? 2019 for startup funding stands at $24.7 million.

Top Performing Companies and Investors in Week 02 of 2019 for Startup Funding

Real estate recorded the highest value in deals in Week 02 of 2019, while health & wellness dominated with three deals, the highest among all the sectors. The transportation and logistics network follows closely with two deals. ?Here are the details of the top deals in these sectors followed by deals from other diverse sectors.

Real Estate

The We Company, a US-based co-working space ? formerly known as WeWorks ? raised $2 billion from Softbank.

Treehouse, a real estate investment company in the US, raised $133 million from undisclosed sources.

Health and Wellness

Kang Sheng Health Management, a China-based company, raised $100 million from CICC. Kang Sheng is a chronic disease service and health management platform.

Zhangshangtangyi, also based in China, raised $100 million from LB Investment, Health 100, CICC, IDG Capital, and CLP Group. Zhangshangtangyi is a health management platform for users with diabetes.

Apollomics, a US-based life sciences oncology company, raised $100 million from Cmb International.

Transportation & Logistics

Grab, the Singapore-based ride-hailing platform raised $350 million from Tokyo Century.

ClearMotion, a US-based company raised $115 million from Franklin Templeton Investments. ClearMotion has developed a proactive ride system that combines software and hardware to mitigate vehicle movement across any terrain.

The other highlights of the week is a diverse set from various sectors.

N26, a Germany-based FinTech company raised $300 million from Insight Venture Partners. N26 helps its customers manage their bank accounts through their smartphones.

Onit, a US-based Software & SaaS company, raised $200 million from K1 Investment Management. Onit uses apps to facilitate business process automation in a more simplified manner for improving business productivity across all departments and industries.

360 Enterprise Security Group, a China-based cybersecurity company, raised $131 million from undisclosed investors.

Top Funded Companies in Week 02 of 2019

Overall in Week 02 of startup funding and investments this year,?320 companies from 34 countries raised funds in various funding round categories. Compared to week 51 of 2018, this marks a 2.14% decrease in the number of startups that raised investments. The United States continues to lead both in terms of the number of deals and investment amounts.

As compared to the figures of Week 51 of 2018,?in the Week 02 startup funding in 2019, the number of deals in the US rose by 9.1%, while the investment amount decreased by 43.8%. China too saw an increase in the number of deals by 31.7%, while the investment amount fell by 22.6%. Comparatively, the UK saw an 11% fall in the number of deals, and a 10.5% decrease in the investment amount raised.

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