Are You Struggling With Innovation – Shift to a Co-Working Space

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Are you struggling with innovation in your organization like most of the corporates? Many corporates are planning a shift to a Co-Working Space to boost innovation. Cultivating an innovative and creative environment in offices is a challenging task for managers.

Companies across the world have invested an enormous amount of money to experiment with many formulae that can build a workplace of constant flow and exchange of new ideas. Despite all efforts, studies have proved that many conventional and self-owned workplaces have failed to enthuse a sense of innovation among their employees because merely spending money on infrastructure can’t bring original values in any organisation.

On the other hand, creativity comes naturally in co-working spaces, and this is one feature, among many, which places co-working spaces ahead of self-owned offices.

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Experts believe that being creating and think afresh are all part of a working culture. A manager can’t put a severe condition on workers to be innovative and make them think out-of-the-box. Many organisations, which applied the formula of ?perform or perish’ failed to emerge as a role model institutions.

Even incentives also don’t work in inculcating a culture to think new and original. Many companies run reward schemes to honour and encourage employees to bring new ideas, however, in the absence of any fool-proof mechanism to adjudge deserving ones, such schemes have often led to a reverse situation where deserving employees, if left out of the scheme, feel de-motivated.

Since co-working spaces are collaborative workplaces where workers help and complement each other, it serves as a breeding ground for innovative thinking.

Shift to a Co-Working Space because – you can do what you love to do

A mix of factors acts as a natural ingredient for workers to become creative. One of them is to allow them to think freely and apply their skill to solve the problem. A passion to excel comes when a person gets engaged in something very close to his heart. When he believes in product or concept, he gives his everything to it.

Co-working spaces, unlike rigid company-owned offices, gives freedom to a person to do what he or she feels like doing. This is the biggest incentive for any individual to encourage to put in to work his hundreds percent.

It is said that water boils at 99 degree Celsius, but it turns into vapour at 100-degree census which suggests that a little extra effort can bring a sea-change and this extra effort is key to any innovation. While in a company-owned office space, workers waste their time and energy into gossiping and backbiting, in a co-working space, they get encouraged to convert that time in extra effort and use it to achieve the desired result.

Shift to a Co-Working Space because they are a confidence booster

Companies that run co-working spaces say that due to flexibility and proximity to a supportive community, more than 90% workers report a high level of confidence. The community feeling comes voluntarily to them.

Every person can’t be up early and ready to be in office at 9 or 10. Some people feel energetic in the morning while some at other time. Some people feel that they are at their creative best at night. So the 24×7 availability of office space allows professionals to come to work at their convenience.

Besides timings, the distance between office and home is also a critical factor on workers performance. Expecting from an employee to be at his creative best after hours of driving through crowded city lanes or commuting through crowded transport may not be right.

When an individual’s natural body rhythm is coordinated with his professional obligations, it always keeps them fresh and shows a positive outcome, says, experts. Also, freedom to choose colleagues and contacts keep them relaxed and focused. Another factor which boosts workers’ confidence in co-working space is the guidance and mentoring is always available to them.

Shift to a Co-Working Space because you have the liberty to choose your co-workers ?

Are you at freedom to choose committed, friendly and driven people as your colleague in the office? Do they have different background, passion and capabilities? Perhaps not. It’s because you all work on a particular project which mandates people with the same origin. Co-working spaces ensure this diversity. Workers don’t join through a process of interviews or based on the need for a product, but they come freely looking for a place to work irrespective of who will work alongside them. The process of community building is inherent in the co-working culture.

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Traditional offices often find it difficult to have a heterogeneous mix of employees with diverse talent and problem-solving approach. Research shows that working places which maintain a diversity of people are more pleasurable to go to than those where employees are homogeneous.

In a co-working office, an individual maintains his space beside being a part of the larger community. His identity remains what he is. On the other hand, in a conventional office set-up, an individual is identified by the community he belongs to. His individuality comes later. The psychological aspect of this factor is important in shaping the overall personality of an employee.

So why should you contemplae a Shift to a Co-Working Space

Fresh ideas have a direct co-relation with your work culture and working community. While co-working spaces are like flowing water which brings freshness and novelty, traditional officers are like pond which is static and stale.

A shift to a co-working space will give you a community of your choice, co-workers you love to work with, timings that suit your creative thinking, the distance that keeps you fresh and alive ? co-working spaces provide a plethora of facilities and features that a traditional office perhaps can’t offer.

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