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There are many reasons as to why a move to a Co-working Space is better for you. Living longer and feeling better has a co-relation with how you live your professional life. Your working environment has a significant say in how long and how well you live. A working atmosphere with flexible working hours and vibrant work culture such as co-working space keeps you happy and motivated. Anything that keeps you happy helps you live longer.

If you work in an environment which has hard working hours, dull workspaces, listless surroundings, cubicle confinement and cut-throat competition, easy and straightforward target also start looking impossible. It builds up work pressure and translates into mental stress. It impacts your personal life as well. This is one of the big reasons why you should Move to Co-working Space

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Studies have shown that stress can cause coronary health diseases which can shorten the lifespan of an individual. High blood pressure and diabetes are the most common effect of stress on any human being. For instance, people working in high-stress jobs such as radar controllers in the aviation industry or emergency service providers develop health complications as they cross the age of 45.They can’t help it because they have an unusual work profile in which they have to cope up with compelling work as occupational hazards. But if a software engineer or an office executive feels stressed, it’s not because of his occupation, but it’s due to the work culture.

Why Move to a Co-working Space – Co-working is stress-buster

Psychologists believe that work pressure is the biggest reason for stress among young professionals. Social life has also changed, and in modern days social interaction has become quite limited.

Earlier, people used to visit their close family members and relatives and de-stress themselves in a light environment with family gossips. In joint families, youngsters used to spend time with their grandfather and grandmother and indulge in everyday conversation. But things have changed now.

Due to time constraints or change in the family system as people have migrated from smaller areas to urban cities, they don’t have the opportunity to enjoy family chats. This traditional stress-busting mechanism is absent today. A traditional office set up, where professional rivalries and fear of being laid off, keeps you in stress all the time, doesn’t have any stress buster mechanism on its own. It doesn’t provide a healthy work culture too. The work stress travels at home along with professionals and impacts their personal life as well.

On the other hand, a co-working space emerges as one of the stress-buster mechanism where co-worker coming from different backgrounds and work-culture share their issues and often help each other. The flexible work hours and relaxed office atmosphere reduce the chances of work stress as well.

Why Move to a Co-working Space – A supportive relationship can thrive in co-working space

The best way to deal with a stressful situation is to talk to someone who you can trust. A face to face chit chat or friendly gossip is an effective way to blow off your mental strain.

However, employees in a traditional office set-up often avoid sharing their professional problems with colleagues for various reasons. Every employee is a rival for another employee, and if a worker shows his weakness to another employee, he or she can exploit it for his/her benefits. Similarly, sharing one’s problem can become a matter of office gossip which is embarrassing for any worker. So such efforts to bust stress work another way round.

However, in a co-working space, you make friends workers who come from different organizations and backgrounds. Nor they belong to your organization neither they are your rivals. So you feel comfortable venting out your frustration against your boss of the assignment because you know that the person you are talking to doesn’t have any vested interest in your organization.? This freedom of sharing soothes your nerve and keeps you relaxed.

Why Move to a Co-working Space -? Flexible work, regular breaks can help

A traditional office set-up doesn’t give you ample opportunity to relax or recharge. Once you enter the office premises, the work catches you up till you come home. Sometimes even people have to work from home as well.

One should always remember that working hard doesn’t cause stress but the lack of control over how one does his work and long and rigid working hour without any break can put any professional under mental pressure.? American Journalists Sydney J. Harris says, “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

Similarly, David Allen, the leading productivity consultant, says, “In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.”

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So walking a long distance with regular breaks makes the target simple but if the same distance is travelled at one go, it becomes tiring and impossible. While a traditional office set-up provides long, exhausting work hours, a co-working space makes it flexible at the will of employees. You can take as many breaks as possible in a co-working space. Traditional office set-up comes with some limitations.

Why Move to a Co-working Space – Conclusions

Different types of workspaces have their pros and cons, but one that keeps you de-stressed and active is supposed to be the best among all.

A traditional office set up follows a strict schedule, lunch break and working hours. Often, professionals find it difficult to get mentoring or strong guidance for career growth. Stress is the part of the work culture here. On the other hand, a co-working space takes care of your well-being along with your professional work and brings happiness in your life.

And that’s the secret of a long life!

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