TNG 2.0 redefines e-wallet space in HK

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Founded in 2013, TNG is committed to bringing its leading-edge technology to enhance the life of Hong Kong people through its next generation payment, money transfer and lifestyle management solutions.

TNG is a user-friendly and technologically-advanced electronic wallet that combines innovative promotion and marketing strategies, such as online-to-offline (O2O) transactions and payments, targeted marketing, member benefits, e-tickets and e-coupons in one solution on the smartphone for users to settle transactions such as purchase payments, bill payments and convenient peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfers.

We continue to innovate

Staying true to our resolve to be the best in our space and make it easier for our customers to use the e-Wallet services, here are some of the new features we have added in the TNG Wallet 2.0

27 year-round cash withdrawal hotspots

Transforming Hong Kong into a ?cashless? city is always at the centre of TNG Wallet?s strategy, yet launching a cash withdrawal service in consideration of local market practice ensures TNG users can enjoy both cash and cashless spending convenience in daily transactions.

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Partnering with First International Resources Ltd. and Unison Foreign Exchange Ltd., TNG Super VIP (?SVIP?) members can now easily withdraw up to HK$50,000 in cash per day from their TNG Wallet by scanning the QR code of the withdrawn amount with their smartphone and entering the transaction PIN at the 27 strong Unison and MTR line-bound First Exchange hotspot network.

TNG Membership club launched

At TNG Wallet, a three-tier membership structure seeks to address different cashless payment needs, allowing users to register freely for Normal, VIP or SVIP membership. Users will benefit from an array of essential services such as Person-to-person (P2P) Money Transfer to friends, Real-time Bill Payment, Person-to-merchant (P2M) Payment, Receiving Payment, e-Coupons, and e-Tickets, to upgraded services like bank transfer, credit card top-up and cash withdrawal exclusively for VIP Member and SVIP Member.

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It takes merely 30 seconds for a new user to install and register the TNG Wallet app as a Normal Member. For VIP Member applications, users are required to submit personal information through their smartphone, and for SVIP Member, users have to complete registration in person.

Bank Transfer and Credit Card Top-up services

TNG Wallet is at the forefront of the latest e-payment trend and a first mover in Hong Kong?s P2P transfer development by launching the popular P2P transfer service in November 2015. TNG Wallet has now added Bank Transfer service, allowing VIP and SVIP members to transfer the stored value in their TNG Wallet to more than 20-licensed banks1 without any handling fee. The service has a minimum transfer amount of HK$100 with no limit and unlimited daily transaction that will be settled within one working day at the earliest (next working day settlement for transfer submitted before 4 pm).

Apart from Bank Transfer services, TNG VIP or SVIP members enjoy extra top-up convenience, anytime and anywhere, by link up their credit cards (applicable to VISA Card and MasterCard issued in Hong Kong only) with the same printed name of users to their TNG Wallet upon membership registration. Once the application is verified, the credit card will be added as a top-up option for TNG Wallet. The VIP or SVIP members can link up more than one credit card with their TNG Wallet after submitting an application via their smartphone, and this provides added convenience in times of urgent or unexpected cash need.

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