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This startup idea on Robotics from YoStartups is to make an autonomous robot for private security and surveillance to keep people, properties, and businesses safe.

Market Definition for Autonomous Robots for Private Security

The security industry continues to boom around the world, and we see in most of the countries more private security employed than police officers. Businesses are becoming more and more concerned about the security and continuous surveillance of their premises to maintain the safety of the work environment and the people.

As per analysis in the British Newspaper, The Guardian, in the US we have more than 1.5 times the number of security officers, about 1.1 million, than people and sheriff’s officers, which total about 660,000. The report further suggests that there are more than 20 million private security workers around the globe, serving a market worth estimated $180 billion, which is predicted to reach to $240 billion by 2020.

Competitor Analysis for Autonomous Robots for Private Security

There is a Colorado-based company Gamma 2 Robotics, which has developed an autonomous robot that can detect and report on intruders, fire and more. The robot has all the sensors to detect intruders, dangerous emissions and is a video surveillance unit to protect businesses or properties.

There is another company based out of Netherlands, Robot Security Systems, is the number one solution for security issues in logistics and data centers, public venues and parking garages. The robot also has an alarm system to notify police, fire department or the property owner instantly.

Pain Point and Target Audience for Autonomous Robots for Private Security

The target audience for the startup would be property owners and corporates who contract or hire private security personnel for maintaining security at their premises.

Although there have been so many technological advancements in sensors and robotics, we still rely on the age-old way of surveillance using private security guards and fixed security cameras. Some surveys suggest that amount of time and money spent on background checks and training for security guards are not justified as they end up leaving their job just in a few weeks.

These security guards are not often trained or equipped enough to detect a hazardous situation, like poisonous or inflammable gases, early signs of fire, which could lead to a devastating outcome. The guards are expensive to maintain as well due to the need for keeping multiple shifts.

Value Proposition for Autonomous Robots for Private Security

The proposed robots will be autonomous that can be deployed at the private properties for security surveillance capable of replacing or supporting the private security guards. These robots will be equipped with sensors to detect any poisonous or inflammable gas leaks, fire signs, or any suspicious activity in their environment.

The robot will also be capable of coordinating with private security guards and central control room for any notifications and warning alerts.

Business Model for Autonomous Robots for Private Security

The startup can work on two models; first, it can collaborate with the large security contractors and co-develop these robots and come onboard as the maintenance partner for these security robots. The startup can charge a retainer fee for any maintenance issue and for the software management that keeps these robots running.

Secondly, it can have its fleet of security robots that can be deployed at any business or private premises for a certain quarterly or annual subscription fees.

Way to Market for Autonomous Robots for Private Security

The startup first needs to develop their robot system able to navigate on its own avoiding obstacles. Instead of starting the robot development from scratch the startup should improvise on the hardware of the available robots and integrate its software and sensors to make it work autonomously.

Once it is done, the startup should trial the robots in the real job environment before launching it officially.

Key Milestones for Autonomous Robots for Private Security

The startup should target to complete the trial of their security robots in 4-6 months. Post which the startup should deploy up to 10 robots in the real-world environment to assess their performance and do final product improvement; this should be completed over another six months.

Once the product is perfected, the startup should work towards partnering with few large security contractors and launch their security robots formally.

Investment Needed for Prototyping Autonomous Robots for Private Security

The startup should look to raise up to 200k for developing and testing the security robots. The startup can either go to an angel investor, or accelerator focused on robotics, or can directly tie up with one of the large security companies.

Team Capability for this RoboTech Startup Idea

The team must have co-founders with the experience of working in both hardware and software side of robotics; comfortability with frameworks like ROS (Robot Operating System) will be very useful. It would be good to have a team member with expertise in computer vision and image processing technologies.

Investor / Expert Take on this RoboTech Startup Idea

We have been anticipating for long the rise of autonomous robots and doing the day-to-day tasks more like human or even better in certain situations. Only the reality this time is that the future is now. We already see these self-propelled robots patrolling down the streets on Building 1 on Microsoft?s Silicon Valley campus and many more locations. With the advancements in the Integrated Systems, Computer Vision, and Artificial Intelligence, today we have huge employability of the robots and security sector would be the first segment to adopt these autonomous robots. Endowed with laser scanning, thermal imaging, 360-degree video, and sensors for all kinds of signals, they will not only make the process efficient but will take the level of service to an all new different level.

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