Will You Sail Through

In the discovery phase, 60% of inconsistent startups focus on validating a product and 80% of consistent startups focus on discovering a problem space.

In the validation phase, where startups should be testing demand for a functional product, inconsistent startups are 2.2 times more likely to be focused on streamlining the product and making their customer acquisition process more efficient than consistent startups.

Winning mantra

Successful startups succeed because they are good searchers and failed startups achieve failure by efficiently executing the irrelevant.

Timing matters

Do you know that, 93% of startups that scale prematurely never break the $100k revenue per month threshold in their lifetime

Right actions

The team size of startups that scale prematurely is 3 times bigger than the consistent startups at the same stage.

Are you on track?

Startups that pivot once or twice raise 2.5x more money have 3.6x better user growth and are 52% less likely to scale prematurely than startups that pivot more than two times or not at all. A pivot is when a startup decides to change a major part of its business.


  • Investment Deck
    • Executive Summary
    • Defining Target Market
    • Product Service Analysis
    • Go-to-Market Plan
    • Sales & Profit Projections
    • Market Competition
    • Gap & Trend Analysis
    • Structured Investment Deck
    • Practice pitch with our investment experts
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