Yo Startups Team

Jappreet Sethi

Jappreet is the CEO and the founding member of Yostartups. He has led HR and Process consulting for MNC professional services firm’s In India. He is enumerated in top employee engagement experts in the world. He authors one of the highly rated HR Blogs globally. He can be reached at Jappreet [at] yostartups.com

Abhishek Singh

Abhishek is the COO and the founding member of Yostartups. He has led plant operations and maintenance for Rio Tinto In Australia and has done a stint with Barclays in Singapore. He is an alumnus of IIT KGP with majors in Process Engineering. He is responsible for operations and can be reached at Abhishek[at]yostartups.com

Tarun Kumar

Tarun Kumar is the Director of Operations. He has experience in restructuring and streamlining operations for Fortune 500 companies, in his last role, he was responsible for scaling up Pharma operations across African subcontinent. He is an avid biker who loves cross country biking trips.  He can be reached at Tarun [at] yostartups.com

Frank Fan

Frank is responsible for Greater China operations, Frank’s interests lie in property investment and real estate securities in the Asia Pacific region. He is also a member of the British Mensa and Society of Property Researchers . He can be reached at Frank[at]yostartups.com

Aditya Vikram Dua

Aditya is a lawyer and company secretary by profession and has been part of many M&A deals. He is based in Doha, Qatar and is a Director on the Yostartups board and takes care of the legal and finance function. He can be reached at Aditya[at]yostartups.com

Mitika Srivastava

Mitika is the CEO of YoStartups for Africa. She has sales and HR background and has been the HR country partner of Fortune 100 MNC in India. She is based In Johannesburg, South Africa and is an avid photographer. Across her career, she has helped multiple businesses in streamlining and scaling up operations.  She can be reached at Mitika[at]yostartups.com

Sotiris Yannopoulos

Sotiris is the CEO – Europe for Yostartups. He is the former Vice President of British American Tobacco and former executive director of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce. He is based in Athens, Greece. Steve has worked with not- profit groups to support societal causes In Greece. He can be reached at Sotiris [at] Yostartups [dot] com

Perry J Papp

Perry has held senior consulting positions at Deloitte Consulting, IBM and PwC. He is an engineer from the University of Virginia and holds an MBA from Columbia University. Perry is currently assisting North America-based startups in building organisational infrastructure and scale to achieve rapid growth. He can be reached at Perry [at] Yostartups [dot] com

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