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As per research from?Yostartups?team here is the 2018 November Startup Funding Update. In November 1156 deals were signed to raise $28.78 billion. In addition, another 278 deals were signed whose investment amount was not disclosed. Overall this marks a 1.24% decrease in the number of deals and 7.13% decrease in the investment amount raised, compared to October this year. Over three months, i.e. from September to November, there has been a 2.07% decrease in the investment amount raised and a 1.21% increase in the number of deals signed.

November 2018 – Startup Funding Stage Highlights

In November, Seed round leads in terms of the number of deals signed, while Private Equity leads in terms of the investment amount raised. 27.91% of the deals signed were for Early Stage funding, i.e. Pre-Seed, Seed and Angel rounds. Compared to October 2018, the number of Early Stage deals has increased by 8.11%, and the amount raised in these deals has increased by 12.21%. The average amount raised for Early Stage funding is $1.99 million. Venture funding accounted for 48.78% of the deals signed. Compared to October 2018, Venture funding saw an 8.75% decrease in the number of deals signed and 8.46% decrease in the amount raised. The average amount raised for Venture funding is $27.98 million.

November 2018 – Startup Industry Highlights

As per research from?Yostartups?team, in November, Fintech, Software & SaaS, Media & Entertainment, Health & Wellness, E-Commerce and MedTech topped the chart in terms of the number of deals, accounting for 57.27% of the deals. Startups in these sectors raised $14.62 billion, which accounts for 50.88% of the total investment amount raised in November. Real Estate witnessed the highest amount of investments at $4.48 billion. E-Commerce and MedTech followed with $4.21 billion and $2.96 billion investments amounts, respectively.

November 2018 – Startup Country Highlights

Overall in November in?startup funding and investments,?1404 companies in 73 countries raised investments. Compared to October, this marks a marginal decrease in the number of startups that raised investments and a 14.06% increase in the number of countries that saw investments flow in. The United States continues its lead both in terms of the number of deals and investment amounts.

In November, 414 deals were signed by the United States based startups, compared to 615 in October 2018. Although the overall investment amount raised in the US has decreased by 9.15%, the average investment has gone up by 34.96%. China and the United Kingdom based startups follow with 178 and 121 deals respectively. The average amount raised in China is $25.16 million, which is a decrease of 25.71% since October 2018. Total investments in China has reduced by 39.89% compared to October 2018.

November 2018 – Startup Funding Highlights – Americas

In the Americas, there were two billion dollar deals signed this month. WeWork, the US-based co-working space, raised $3 billion from Softbank. View, a US-based company raised $1.1 billion from Softbank Vision Fund. View commercialises dynamic glass that tints automatically in response to weather conditions and user preference. iFood, a Brazil-based platform wherein customers can find and order food from restaurants, raised $500 million from Naspers and Movile. Samumed, a US-based company that conducts research and development for tissue-level regeneration, raised $440 million from Vickers Venture Partners and Starling group. Zume Pizza, a US-based company that operates as a pizza delivery platform, raised $375 million from SoftBank Vision Fund.

November 2018 – Startup Funding Highlights – Asia

Asia too saw two billion dollar deals this month. Softbank Vision Fund funded two companies ? Coupang in South Korea and Tokopedia in Indonesia. While Coupang raised $2 billion, Tokopedia, an online marketplace that allows individuals and small & midsize business owners to open and maintain their online store, raised $1 billion. Baidu funded two Media and Entertainment companies in China. NetEase Cloud Music, a company that helps to discover and share music, raised $600 million, while Xinchao Media, a company that provides customers with more accurate and cheaper community media traffic, raised $302 million. Tink Labs, a technology company in the Travel and Tourism sector, raised $300 million from undisclosed investors. Tink Labs has developed an integrated device combining the functionality of a smartphone with the benefits of in-room hotel phone services, and the?handy?platform has been used by over 10 million visitors globally. Additionally, Grab, the Singapore based ride-hailing platform, raised $300 million from Hyundai Motor Company and Kasikorn Bank.

November 2018 – Startup Funding Highlights – Europe

Europe did not have any billion-dollar deals in November. Getty Images, a UK based Media & Entertainment company, raised $500 million from Koch Equity Development. Getty Images creates and distributes still imagery, video, music and multimedia products. Roivant Sciences, a MedTech company, based in Switzerland, raised $200 million from Viking Global Investors, SoftBank Vision Fund, RTW Investments LLC, QVT Financial, Novaquest Capital Management, Founders Fund, and Dexcel Pharma. Nested, a UK based Real Estate firm raised $129.7 million, from Northzone and Balderton Capital in equity financing and other Undisclosed Investors in debt financing. Nested is a data-driven estate agency that provides a cash advance to help clients buy a new home before they have sold their other assets. BlaBlaCar, a France based long distance carpooling platform that connects drivers with empty seats and passengers to share travel costs, raised $113.3 million from SNCF. Ratepay, a Germany based company that offers e-payment solutions for successful online trading, raised $94.5 million from NIBC Bank N.V.

November 2018 – Startup Funding Highlights ? Middle East Asia & Africa

Israel dominated the funding highlights of the Middle East Asia region in November. Valens Semiconductor, a Hardware company, based in Israel, raised $63 million from Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. and Linse Capital. Valens Semiconductor?is a fabless chip company?providing semiconductor products for the distribution of uncompressed?HD multimedia content. Lightricks, an Israel based Software company raised $60 million from Insight Venture Partners. XM Cyber, another Israel based Cybersecurity company, raised $22 million from UST Global, Our Innovation Fund LP, Nasdaq Ventures and Macquarie Capital. Additionally, Property Finder, a UAE based company that operates real estate portals across the Middle East and North Africa, raised $120 million from General Atlantic. Cyprus based UNICAF, an online platform offering quality higher education degrees with the UK, the US and European universities, raised $28 million from Goldman Sachs.

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