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There has been a dramatic and unbelievable transformation from the ghettos of Europe of the 19th century where workers toiled day and night to produce goods for oppressive masters to the modern day work-spaces that share, inspire, collaborate and create. Work and the spaces that enable work have changed; the work-space is no longer an enclosure where workers clock in fixed hours every day. Work-spaces have become enablers of productivity and innovation and the new way of life.

For the new age workers, there is a high degree of overlap between work and personal; there is no strict division between ?working hours? and ?non-working hours?. Work is life and gives meaning to their existence; they no longer see work as a chore, but rather as a way of life. As the difference gets obfuscated, the working spaces need to evolve to maintain balance and provide personalized touch and feel to the incumbents.

Shared work spaces (co-working spaces) fills the gap that traditional work space concept fails to address, but yearned for by startups who were quick to adopt this new culture. Initially, for many, the whole idea of a shared work space seemed alien, why pay for a slot at a shared community space instead of getting your office space? Even though the lack of resources pushed them to use shared work spaces initially, the popularity of the model has got the big wigs of the industry thinking too.

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Different segments of the working populace see shared working and its values in various ways, but the following attributes are consistently cited

A setup that furthers their networks; leading to a greater degree of professional success.

A social environment that improves their lives

A setup where they are actively engaged, motivated to learn and grow

The take-home message is loud and clear; people value human space far above the office space. For real estate owners too, the focus has to move from office space to a human space.? So what does it mean for traditional companies? Even though the shared work started with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the tech industry, it?s highly applicable to a larger range of organizations and people.

Many large global organizations are weaving shared work spaces into their company strategies, as they see its potential in helping their people and business thrive. The companies are using co-working spaces as an alternative workplace for staff. By exposing their employees to freelancers and entrepreneurs, it is hoped that their staff will be positively influenced by the energy and spirit of startups. This approach is a better option than changing or reskilling the team. Additionally, shared work spaces can drive innovation as users may reap new ideas and inspirations through exposure in shared-working spaces.

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Furthermore, working in shared working spaces allows the team to develop a trait that is often difficult to build in a workforce discipline and freedom with responsibility. In the age of hyper-networking, connections matter and can redefine the growth trajectory of a corporate. These co-working spaces help people to interact and build communities of their choice beyond work meetings. At a shared working space, company employees can get coaching and advice; as these hubs regularly host networking events, training programs, pitch events and social gatherings.

Many startups are coming up with Airbnb for shared working spaces. They specialise in? ?idled resource salvaging? concept and welcome landlords and office owners with idled spaces (for example a desk or room) to list on their platform and rent out to startups and SMEs that are usually priced out of having offices in prime locations in the city. Coupled with a host of events and initiatives, they aim to nurture an entrepreneurship fostering community that creates a win-win situation for all.

Jappreet Sethi

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